Can I bring my own bike to BHI?

You can bring pretty much anything you’d like, but it’s going to cost you. A ferry ticket to and from the island costs $23 and if you’re bringing a bike it’s another $23. Each ticket comes with a FREE one-time tram ride to and from anywhere on the island but you have to schedule it before you get to the island. Here’s a number to the Southport terminal: (910) 457-5003.

Can I take my SUP rental in the waves?

In order to fully enjoy the waves with a paddleboard, it’s recommend to rent a surf style SUP board. It comes with a leash, which is required on the beach. It is also much more difficult to standup paddlesurf or to standup paddle in the ocean than it is to paddle in flat water. We recommend taking a SUP Surf lesson or start out in the creek.

Can my kids Paddleboard?

Standup Paddleboarding is a great activity for the whole family! If your children can swim, they’re old enough to be on a board. We provide life jackets for everyone and if they can’t paddle alone, they can ride with mom or dad. In our experience, children 10 or older will be able to paddle alone, but you know your children better than anyone.

Do I have to be concerned with sharks?

Not really. You are more likely to die from Food-Borne Illness (1 in 500), than become a shark attack victim (risk of a shark attack is actually 1 in 60,453) but if you are curious, we included a map below which shows data since 1935. There have only been 7 attacks in our area (Brunswick County) with no fatalities in that time frame.

Do I have to wear a helmet on Bald Head Island?

This is straight from the NC Website and you will get a ticket on BHI if your child is under 16, riding a bike and with out a helmet. All of our rental bikes come with helmets; however, if you have your own bike, but now helmet, we rent those separately here.

The NC Bicycle Helmet Law requires:

  • Every person under 16 years old must wear an approved bicycle helmet when operating a bicycle on any public road, public bicycle path, or other public right-of-way.
  • All child passengers falling at or below 40 pounds/40 inches, must be carried in a separate restraining seat.
  • Any parent or legal guardian who knowingly allows a child to ride without a helmet or to ride as a passenger not secured in a restraining seat (when applicable), will be in violation of the law.
  • Violation of the law carries a $10 civil fine. The fine may be waived upon the receipt of satisfactory proof of purchase of helmet or restraining seat.
How do I get to the Bald Head Island?

You’ll reach Bald Head Island by ferry. Once you’re here, your ferry ticket includes a one-time tram ticket to and from any location on the island. You do have to make reservations in order to take the tram. Learn more about that here.

How do I transport my rental board?

Our boards stack really easily on top of your golf cart. Straps / tie-downs for transport are included with your rental.

I rented a bike for the day; where do I pick it up?

Our bike store is located at 12-B Maritime Way next to the market, which is in the middle of the island. If you are arriving by ferry, each round-trip ferry ticket comes with a FREE tram service to and from anywhere on the island. To make your FREE tram reservation to Coastal Urge, call 910-457-5003 or ask the ticket counter when you get to the ferry terminal. You will also need a FREE tram back to the ferry after your amazing adventure around the island. Call 910-457-5006 at least 2 hours before your ferry departure time to make your reservation. See you soon!

Is SUP hard? Will I fall in the water?

Our boards are stable, so if you can stand on dry ground, it’s very unlikely you’ll take a swim; however, we always suggest to wear a swimsuit just in case… and leave the cell phone on the dock or at the house. We require paddlers taking an excursion to wear water shoes so that if you do fall off you won’t cut your foot on oyster beds in the salt marshes. By the middle of the excursion, you’ll probably be ready to jump in and cool off, anyway!

Should I take a Guided or Self-Guided Excursion?

You’ll have fun whether you take a guided standup paddleboard tour or go on a self-guided excursion. If you’ve never paddled before, it’s a good idea to go with a guide so you can make sure your’re holding the paddle correctly and getting the most out of your experience. Your guide will point out wildlife along the way and will share the history of Bald Head Island. Once you’ve taken a guided tour, you can rent a board for the length of your stay here. If you haven’t seen the video of our crew paddling around BHI, take a second and watch here.

What do I wear for the Excursion?

We suggest you dress like you’re going to the beach; wear sunscreen, a hat and bring a bottle of water.
It is required that everyone wear water shoes, old sneakers, or flip flops. If you don’t have a pair, stop by our store at 12B Maritime Way right next to the market.